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Different Types of Bookmarks

July 23, 2011

While flipping through the books it becomes difficult to find an exact page of a thick book. This is time consuming and painstaking job for many. In order to suppress the frustration and time consumption just make use of the bookmarks by just inserting it between the pages. This is very easy and gives you when what you are looking for. 

These Bookmarks can be made from material which will not spoil the pages of the book in any way. In order to find the exact page at the time of need just insert a bookmark inside the pages of a book. 

Types of commonly used bookmarks listed below 

  1. Ribbon Bookmarks – Ribbon made bookmarks are the most mass produced and the most ancient kind of bookmarks. This kind of bookmarks is produces in large scale. These have a specific width and longer than the book’s spine.
  2. Informative Bookmarks – It serves for both the purpose that is they are place inside the pages of the book and it also provides areas to put notes for future references.
  3. Home-made Bookmarks – These are made in the home by the book readers by using such type of materials which are very thin in nature such as fabric material or something like that. Some of these also include cut-down photographs.
  4. Promotional Bookmarks – These types of bookmarks are specially used to promote a company or a product. Some of these are used by the authors or publishers to promote their new book. Nowadays they are also used for promoting movies.
  5. Decorative Bookmarks – These types of bookmarks can be bought from library, bookshops and online stores. The types of bookmarks are decorated by ornaments, figurines, tassels, images and pictures. You can print these bookmarks at Here you can easily customize your bookmarks as per your choice.
  6. Paperclip Bookmark – These are made from thin wood, plastic or thin metal piece. Like a normal paper clip its stick to the page of the book. While putting in and out care must be taken as it can rip the paper sheet of the book.
  7. Corner Bookmark – As the name suggest this are made of thin metal that are place on the corner of the pages of a book. They are in the shape of an equilateral triangle.


To get this bookmarks at an affordable price just use printplace coupons. There are microchips built into it for storing information on a computer and also a book-light integrated device such as integrated bookmark.


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